Document Management for Home Builders

Document Management for Home Builders

Many builders today are still stuck in the world of paper when it comes to documents. Below we have identified the top 5 benefits of using Nexobuild as main the document management tool.

1. Facilitated collaboration

Collaboration between different patrons involved in a home construction project is what creates a success. The Nexobuild platform has the ability to improve and facilitate collaboration both internally and externally through the use of its web based environments.

2. No need for emails

Email is an amazing tool which has revolutionized the way that we work. However, you can have too much of a good thing. Email is unstructured and difficult to manage, and often creates issues in security and storage. The more you use email the more disorganized and bulky it becomes. Nexobuild removes the need to distribute content via email, removing the security and storage burden and improves control.

3. More reliable backups

It is very difficult to ensure that content is properly backed up if you can’t find it or don’t even know it exists. Traditional document management practices encourage the saving of documents on local computers and non-controlled file shares. The result is that, quite often, content may not be properly backed up. We typically discover the damages when it is too late and the content is already long gone. Nexobuild centralizes all documents and records and encourages the creation and management of these records into one location, this in turn significantly improves our ability to properly backup all content and ensure we can readily retrieve it.

4. Lower archiving costs

Paper document management and archiving can be very labour intensive and expensive, given the long record retention requirements for regulated content in the life sciences. Processing, storing, and retrieving records can be significantly improved when moving to electronic environments. The need for physical storage space for paper records is also significantly reduced or eliminated altogether. Central filing and document tracking is can be automated, eliminating the need for physical document management.

5. Better knowledge management and search

How many times have you tried to search for documents and information? Were you able to? How much time did it take you? Being able to find information and knowledge with ease allows us to improve decision making and reduce the amount of time lost looking for information.

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